Making art and seeking to create beauty are acts of faith in the future, in the survival of the values of humanism—faith that we will get through the threats facing us, the crumbling of the economic and political world we’ve known, the dying forests and rising seas due to climate change. Art demands recognition that human lives matter, that chaos can be transmuted into beauty and courage.

It has been six years since I International “From Waste to Art” Exhibition was organized in Gala settlement. During the six years of activity of the exhibition popular artists from about 40 countries of the world including Azerbaijan introduced their amazing artworks created from trash to the visitors. Artistic value of works created from solid waste and junk is their ability to visually demonstrate that the art has the power to recreate and digest even trash!

The event aims attracting public attention to environmental problems dangerous and sometimes inevitable for megapolis. To achieve this goal, art samples created by the tender and fascinating transformation power of arts reveal the secret beauty of each thing that are not noticeable at first glance.