Boyukshor lake was the subject of students' lectures

19/10/2021 16:30

Rehabilitation of Boyukshor Lake was the subject of a lecture by students studying for a master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of Baku Engineering University. In the face-to-face lesson on "Rehabilitation of water objects" held around the lake, students were given detailed information about the work done to clean Lake Boyukshor and their results. 

Elnur Aliyev, an employee of Tamiz Shahar OJSC, Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, said that the area around Boyukshor Lake, which was once ecologically tense, is now one of the best places for recreation for city residents. He noted that as a result of the formation of the initial stage of the food chain in the treated area, it is possible to see migratory birds in the lake at some times of the year. After the lecture, which was held in an interesting and educational environment for students, they exchanged views on issues related to the activities of "Tamiz Shahar" OJSC.