The impact of industrial parks on the environment was discussed at the Tamiz Shahar Center

25/11/2021 10:24

The head of the Department of Environment and Labor Protection Sabuhi Babayev has a seminar on the theme of "The role of ecological industrial parks in environmental protection" in the "Tamiz Shahar" Center in the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The seminar has been attended by students majoring in environmental engineering, provided extensive information on environmental projects, the impact of proper waste management on the environment, as well as opportunities for recycling. 

There were shown short videos about Balakhani Industrial Park and other activities operating in “Tamiz Shahar” JSC, which has a positive experience in waste management, and at the end, students' questions were answered. It should be noted that the center established at the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with the support of "Tamiz Shahar" JSC regularly conducts such seminars and various events.