The US Embassy assistance visited Tamiz Shahar JSC

02/12/2021 15:37

Green CommitteeMembers of the United States Embassy in Azerbaijan visited Tamiz Shahar JSC to get acquainted with the activities carried out in waste management in Azerbaijan. The tour participants got acquainted with the activities carried out by "Tamiz Shahar" JSC in solid waste management and the work done in Balakhani Industrial Park. During the information tour, the participants were informed in detail about the process in the Baku waste to energy plant, Balakhani solid waste sorting plants and Balakhani Industrial Park. It was noted that the plant with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons has been operating since 2012 and is the largest plant of its kind in the country, providing raw materials to processing plants.

The raw material obtained as a result of sorting various types of waste (paper, glass, plastic, etc.) fulfills the needs of the residents of Balakhani Industrial Park, which has been operating since 2017. As part of the information tour, the embassy assistance view the recycling process in Balakhani Industrial Park and was informed about the available opportunities. According to the program, the guests also visited the Baku waste to energy plant. It was noted that the plant, which fulfills the latest environmental requirements and was built with 4th generation technology, has the capacity to dispose of 500,000 tons of solid waste, 10,000 tons of medical waste and generate 231.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. It was also noted that the bottom ash generated by incineration of waste can be used in road construction.

During the information tour, the guests' questions were answered and they were presented with brochures reflecting the activities of "Tamiz Shahar" JSC.